"Walking in Margaret's Footsteps"
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´╗┐´╗┐History of Margaret (1)

This history is written and researched by Raymond Hackett & Michael Reilly. It appeared in the publication: "Carrigallen Parish-A History." 1996 Design Inc Killegar

The Angel of the Delta, The Bread Lady of New Orleans, The Celebrated Margaret,Margaret of Tully, Margaret of New Orleans, Mother Margaret-these are all titles for a remarkable woman, who was considered by countless thousands of all creeds to have been a living saint. A woman of unsurpassed charity, she was a champion of the underprivileged and the destitute. She had been a washerwoman and a peddler,yet when she died she received a state funeral.

Margaret Gaffney was born on December 25th1813, the fifth child of William and Margaret Gaffney. Her siblings, starting with the eldest, were Annie (probable), Mary (Mamie), Thomas, Kevin (probable) and Kathleen, who was reputedly named after her father's grandmother. William and Margaret were from Tully South, in the parish of Carrigallen. William was a small farmer and possibly a tailor; however, Nellie Smith, Clooncorick, Carrigallen (originally O'Rourke from Tully), stated in 1937, that the Gaffneys owned a shop, but there is no other evidence to corroborate this. His wife's maiden name was O'Rourke and she was a direct descendant of the O'Rourkes of Breiffne.

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Five year old Margaret settled in Baltimore with her parents and
some of her siblings. She married Charles Haughery at
the Baltimore Cathedral, its spire visible in this circa 1880
picture of Baltimore by moonlight.
Soon after her marriage, Charles and Margaret left for
New Orleans.

Early experimenters tinkered with the idea of photography for over
a hundred years, but it was Louis Daguerre who finally perfected the technique in
about 1839. Less then a year later the rich history of American photography began in New Orleans at #3 St Charles Street, in the private studio/residence of Jules Lion,
"a freeman of color," who opened the first daguerreotype studio in
New Orleans and one of the very first in the entire United States.

(Courtesy of Beloved Margaret Haughery of New Orleans)