"Walking in Margaret's Footsteps"
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P D F—Leitrim Guardian 2010: Margaret of New Orleans Birthplace—Bernie O'Rourke 2 pages.

P D FLeitrim Guardian 2011: Myra Reynolds talks to Danny O'Flaherty from New Orleans. 4 pages

P D FLeitrim Guardian 2013: Margaret of New Orleans Birthplace Helen Corcoran. 2 pages







Constructing the mud-walls at
Margaret's Birthplace Photos by PMI

Coffee Morning Fundraising
20th July 2008. Photos: Tony Fahy
Margaret's Birthplace
30 April 2009 Photos: Tony Fahy
Easter Saturday at Margaret's
April 2011 Photos: Tony Fahy









Travel writer and broadcaster
Stephanie Abrams talks to Martin Reillly &
Martin Kenny on Travellers 411 Radio
Show—a USA radio station.

Movie Clips

Bourbon Street, New Orleans resident TJ Fisher is a nationally acclaimed author in the USA. She is also an expert on the life of Margaret of New Orleans and she is at the forefront of the Margaret Movement in New Orleans

Ambassador Conne Claborne 'Lindy' Boggs presents: Who is Margaret Haughrey? And why don't you know who she is..? Includes live version of Danny O'Flaherty's song 'Margaret'. Programme written & produced by
Meredythe Dee Winter